Intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, performances head overseas

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Korea's intangible cultural heritage is to be showcased overseas in special events being held in France, Vietnam, India and Guam from late September to November.

The series of exhibitions and performances will kick off at Cernuschi Museum in Paris, Sept. 29.

Kim Jeong-ok, the Intangible Cultural Heritage title holder for the craft of pottery, also known as a sagijang, will demonstrate his expertise in traditional Korean earthenware live onstage. Meanwhile, an exhibition of his works has been on display at the museum since July and will continue through Oct. 5.

At the Korean Cultural Center in Paris, a performance of seungjeonmu, a sword dance and drum dance performed in the royal court to wish for victory at war, is scheduled for Oct. 26.

In Danang and Hanoi in Vietnam, special lectures and performances tailored to each location will be held.

In Danang, a Songpa sandae nori performance and a special lecture on Korean talchum will take place at Danang Architecture University on Oct. 27 and 30, specifically designed for college students majoring in the Korean language.

Originating from the Baekje Kingdom’s Hanseong era, when its capital was in present-day Seoul's Songpa area, Songpa sandae nori encompasses dance, pantomime, humorous dialogues and acting, typically performed during holidays like Chuseok. This performance has garnered more attention as talchum was enlisted as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage last November.

Hanoi will see gijisi-juldarigi, a tug-of-war employing a centipede-shaped rope, known to ward off bad luck. It will be presented alongside Vietnam's traditional sitting tug-of-war, from Nov. 16 to 20.

In India, Suyeong-yaryu, a form of drama performed on a field by villagers wearing masks, which originated from Busan's Suyeong region, will be performed four times at the India Odi Art Center -- Nov. 19, 20, 25 and 26 -- coinciding with the Chilika Shelduck Folk Carnival period, a celebration that brings together folk dances and art forms of India.

In Guam, Gangryeong-talchum, a mask dance genre originating from Gangryeong village in Hwanghae Province in today's North Korea will take to the stage at the Dusit Thani Hotel on Nov. 28.

Updated schedules can be found at the National Intangible Heritage Center and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation's websites.




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